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Hybrid Silicon Lasers & Silicon Photonics Platform

Technology Overview

Of late, silicon photonics have emerged as the primary contender in the area of integrated optics, which has found applications beyond optical communications. Examples, while not exhaustive, include sensing, artificial intelligence, and LIDAR. This is affirmed by the increasing levels of investment into this area. By leveraging on the prior investments in silicon manufacturing, highly integrated photonic integrated circuits can be manufactured in a scalable fashion. However, it is intrinsically not possible to realize an efficient monolithic silicon laser. The team has overcome this problem through the demonstration of hybrid silicon lasers. Furthermore, the team also presents a complete pure silicon photonic platform. In summary, all optical functions are presented in the team’s photonic portfolio (i.e., lasing, modulation, photodetection, waveguiding). The team is looking for partners that would find further applications in regard to this hybrid silicon laser and silicon photonic platform.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

In this technology offer, the team presents how laser emission on the silicon photonic platform can be achieved. Through the hybrid approach on silicon, it is demonstrated that high performance lasers with performance that dwarfs their III-V counterparts can be achieved. Multiple lasers operating across multiple application-rich wavelength region has been achieved. Furthermore, the team also presents a state-of-the-art silicon photonic platform. This platform is capable of ultra-low waveguide propagation losses and high data transmission capabilities. The developed lasers operate across a wide range of application rich regions; O-band, C-band, L-band, 1647 – 1690 nm, 1881 – 1947 nm and 1955 – 1992 nm.

Potential Applications

The hybrid silicon laser, as well as silicon photonics, find applications in a multitude of areas. Applications, while not exhaustive, include optical communications, artificial intelligence, quantum photonics, LIDAR and optical spectroscopy. The silicon photonic market is estimated to be a 3 billion USD opportunity. For the hybrid silicon laser, from 2011 to 2021, at least 2 million unit were shipped. 1 million units was shipped in 2020 due to increased demand for large bandwidth communications.

Customer Benefit

  • Leverage on advanced silicon processing to realize silicon photonic circuits in a highly-scalable and low-cost fashion.
  • Silicon photonic enables a wide range of applications (i.e., optical communications, artificial intelligence, quantum photonics, LIDAR and optical spectroscopy).
  • The silicon photonic platform is energy efficient, thereby reducing the power consumption of the applications that it is applied in.
  • Through low-loss silicon photonics, hybrid silicon lasers with cutting edge performance can be realized.
  • The hybrid silicon lasers demonstrate record spectral purity, enabling the transmission of large volumes of data.
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Brian Sia


LUX Photonics Consortium

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  • Electronics
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