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DORIAN – Computer method for 3-D images classification

Technology Overview

DORIAN is an automated quantitative analysis service of brain amyloid PET imaging, which can be used to diagnose Alzheimer's disease (AD) and other neurological conditions. This analysis method for automatic characterization and classification of any n-D images is able to capture global properties by computing features from image isosurfaces, thereby offering suitable alternative to standard methods. DORIAN supports all the commercially available amyloid tracers and allows both global and region-specific quantification. The service is made available through a desktop application which can be provided to users by locally installing this application. This allows users to perform remote image analysis and return result reports in a short time.

The technology provider is looking for collaborators:

  • To further expand the DORIAN analysis line
  • To promote and increase the adoption of DORIAN in major research facilities
  • To obtain ISO9001 and CE certifications as a medical device for the current platform and analysis pipeline so as to bring DORIAN to the international market for medical imaging

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The technology is an automated quantitative analysis service of brain amyloid PET imaging with two patented,clinically validated innovative methods: EvaLuation of Brain Amyloidosis (ELBA) and Time-Delayed Ratio (TDR). These new algorithms give independent results because they study different image characteristics. ELBA provides a quantification extracted from the geometry of the signal, while the TDR factors in the calculation of the cerebral flow and therefore the pathophysiological characteristics of the individual subject. Accounting to the independence of these two methods, the obtained results are subsequently combined (also with the SUVr analysis) to derive a single index that is more robust than individual methods alone. The technology's hallmark is the combination of different analysis techniques that are equally validated at the clinical level.


  • Use of a single robust and reliable index: used as an index of disease severity which overcomes the current dichotomous classification. This allows placement/classification of patients on a continuous comparative scale
  • Possible to accurately observe changes in the condition of the subjects over time
  • Ability to diagnose the onset of the diseases with more reliability
  • Early disease detection
  • Multi-platform desktop application for quick and easy communication between clinical practice and medical research team

Potential Applications

The amyloid PET image analysis service is accessible to all customers through a multi-platform desktop application that will enable the sending of data, in compliance with the GDPR, for their remote analysis and will allow result reception and display.

The service is designed to be easily integrated into the workflow of medical staff in various fields, ranging from clinical neurological and nuclear medicine routine to scientific research to the monitoring of clinical trials for anti-amyloid treatments.

Customer Benefit

The application is at an advanced stage of development. At present, the application is ready for use for research purposes only. The growth of the business will see complementing the current offering as a fundamental key. This can be achieved by implementing new analysis pipelines for other imaging modalities (as MRI and DAT-SPECT) and making them available through the same desktop application. Furthering the developmental status of DORIAN including obtaining ISO9001 and CE certifications as a medical device can allow DORIAN to penetrate the medical imaging market. This in turn can bring benefits to patients with a more robust, reliable diagnostic method for Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurological conditions.

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Gloria Padmaperuma


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