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Monitoring and Assistance for Elderly People

Technology Overview

This development has been inspired by the growing demand of both families and professional caregivers for technological tools to assist them in providing cares to older adults through localization, cognitive support, and remote monitoring, which is estimated around 80% and 40% respectively. Today millions of people worldwide must balance work and family duties with the care of an older loved one.

This technology consists of a wearable device and a set of distributed sensors to track a person’s position, identify motor and/or postural activities and evaluate their variation over time. Coupled with a dedicated interface and analysis tools, this technology can also appeal to professionals that need tools to ensure safety and desire to digitalize their operations and reduce repetitive, bureaucratic tasks.

The technology is ready to market, and we are seeking collaborators to fully exploit the patent by integrating the other features described therein (e.g., coaching) and release a version specifically designed for use at home. Preferred collaborators are those that could help us with data collection or co-develop the home-use version with us.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This technology consists of a wearable device and a handful of mounted Bluetooth beacons connected to the internet. Coupled with user interface and analysis tools, this technology offers the followings:


  • An automatic fall detection system
  • Trigger user-definable alerts when a person does not move for too long, leaves the building or detection of abnormal behaviours such as sleepwalking or going to the bathroom too often
  • An activity recognition system based on the geriatric Activities of Daily Living standard and an analysis of positive and negative trends in time
  • For consumers, the ability to provide coaching by interacting directly with the assisted person through a smart speaker
  • A dashboard for the caregivers

Potential Applications

  • Improves safety and reduces average response times in case of need from elderly
  • Digitize processes and reduce errors due to communication problems between staff members
  • Provides useful data for the prevention of falls (e.g., historical falls, motility, sleepwalking) and some typical problems of the elderly (e.g., UTI, dehydration).

Customer Benefit

  • Caregivers: provides immediate emergency alerts, actionable insights into the person’s health and needs, and the ability to have immediate access to all this information;
  • Administration: reduce the cost of accidents and hospitalizations, as well as, thanks to the digitalization of some processes;
  • Patient (and families): guarantees serenity and promotes active ageing, whilst foreseeing the onset of typical ailments of ageing.
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