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AgriFood Trade Solutions Platform for Visibility & Financing

Technology Overview

DiMuto is an AgriFood Trade Solutions Platform that simplifies global AgriFood Trade.

The global food supply chain is a complex landscape, often involving multiple stakeholders that work in silos, and data is disconnected, causing a lack of visibility, inefficient operations, wasted resources and losses.

The DiMuto Platform unifies products, documents, and payments all in one to create Trade Visibility throughout the entire supply chain. This helps our AgriFood customers to gain the needed visibility of their business and better manage their trades more efficiently and sustainably. With such trade data, our customers can now also gain access to trade financing, an issue that many of them face in the perishables trade.

Our customer base primarily consists of global AgriFood companies – growers, packers, exporters, importers, and retailers conducting global AgriFood trade.

We are looking for business partnerships in agricultural markets who can help expand our market presence.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

DiMuto combines technology like blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence together into a seamless platform allowing AgriFood customers to see and manage all business functions like never before– being able to see down to each carton and product, and all data related to each product.

Unlike current available systems in the market, DiMuto provides down to product level and carton level of visibility for each trade transaction and can even evaluate the quality of products with our AI technology. This new level of visibility allows the various business departments – production, sales, marketing, and finance, to work together in a cohesive towards successfully completing each trade.

At the same time, with the trade data that is captured on our platform, we are also able to offer our customers trade financing opportunities because of the lowered risks derived from such visibility (risks traditionally associated with the opaque perishables supply chain). We can now accurately create product quality, trade health and credit scores and help meet this financing gap in the AgriFood industry.

Being from the trade, we understand the variety of operations on-the-ground and we cater to that, with our digitalization solutions being compatible for a smallholder farm with more manual operations to a large automatic packhouse. We have also designed our system such that installation and setup is seamless and easy for our end users, no matter which market they are in.

DiMuto Digital Identity Labels (DID) is GS1 compliant, meaning the labels we use to digitalize and track physical AgriFood products can be accepted by major retailers and distributors around d the world. DiMuto Platform is also able to connect to the IBM FoodTrust, allowing pushing of traceability data required by major retailers around the world.

Potential Applications

  • Global AgriFood Trade Management
  • AgriFood Supply Chain Management
  • Food Traceability
  • AgriFood Trade Financing and Insurance
  • Total Available Market: US$4Tn, Global Serviceable Market: US$22Bn, Total Global Trade Financing Gap: US$3.4 Tn

Customer Benefit

  • Data Visibility & Business Intelligence to efficiently manage operations
  • Trade Financing opportunities
  • Meet demand for traceable, visible AgriFood products by B2B and B2C markets
  • Save up to 50% on trade losses arising from quality disputes
  • Get up to 30% price premiums for your traceable products
  • Ensure that your company and your suppliers are adhering to sustainable and good agricultural practices
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  • Foods
  • Logistics

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