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Alternative Texturized Beverage in A Teabag for Health and Wellness Management

Technology Overview

Bioactive compounds such as antioxidant used as functional ingredients in food and beverage has received much attention from food and beverage manufacturers. There are increased interests in health awareness and wellbeing from consumers, specifically the millennials, where clean and healthy lifestyle is seen as a priority.

Green Jelly Leaf, (botanically known as Cyclea barbata Miers) a medicinal plant native to South East Asian, is rich in antioxidant where flavonoids are the dominant active compounds. Flavonoids are part of polyphenol family and have various biological activities including anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-viral properties. Analysis by HPLC-MS showed that Kaempferol 3-O-(6''-acetyl-galactoside) 7-O-rhamnoside and Theaflavin were the dominant flavonoids and contributed highly to jelly leaf antioxidant profiles.

This developed technology of a naturally occurring gelling beverage comprises of blended leaves which have the unique innate gelling ability when mixed with water. The jelly leaves powder is conveniently packed into a tea-bag and when steeped in tepid/hot water, the beverage would slowly thicken in water; providing a more texturized drink with smooth mouthfeel for the consumer.

Looking for partners who are interested to utilize this technology to innovate and develop beverages with alternative texture, e.g. Beverage Manufacturers, Food Industry.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Features of the jelly leaves powder in teabag includes:

  • Use of functional ingredients rich in antioxidant, vitamins, minerals and soluble fibres
  • The textured beverage provides “mouthfeel” multisensory experience without added calories, thus induces satiety effect
  • Clean and natural, with no preservatives, additives nor synthetic gelling agents added to the jelly leaves powder
  • The transformation from liquid to jelly-like textured when steeped in water is a key differentiator from existing beverage with additional solid, i.e. jelly or boba;
  • The beverage in single-serve teabag is convenient to use and can be made with different flavours as both a fortified beverage and snack all at once

Potential Applications

This would be useful for the Beverage Manufacturers for the Food Industry to extend their beverage product lines as an alternative textured beverage or snack that is natural and rich in antioxidant. It is also appealing in the form of a powdered teabag.

This novel self-gelling beverage can be :

  • Made into different flavours to be enjoyed by both young and silver age group
  • Alternative source of textured beverage or snack
  • To promote wellness and healthy lifestyle
  • As a functional ‘ready-to-go’ beverage for the millennials and Gen Z too
  • Suitable for the health-conscious (weight-management)
  • Suitable for application for consumers with Dysphagia

Market Trends and Opportunities:

The use plant polyphenols have drawn an increasing attention of consumers and food manufacturers due to their potent antioxidant properties and their remarkable effects in the prevention of various oxidative stress associated diseases. The worldwide antioxidant beverage market is projected to grow exponentially at a CAGR of 8.7% during the forecast period (2020-2025) (Mondor Intelligent, 2021). This high projected value was reported to be governed by the consumer preference for healthy hydration, increased health consciousness and increasingly demand for clean-label functional foods.

The position of this gelling jelly tea bag in the market then is believed to be fairly strong as it does not only offer an antioxidant property, however the ability to gel the drink can further benefit for dysphagic patients. In summary, the present invention is able to provide antioxidant property and self-gelling tea without the need to add thickeners or gelling agents which is advantageous over what is available in the market currently.

Customer Benefit

This novel self-gelling beverage offers these benefits:

  • Good sources of antioxidant, fibres and calcium.
  • Clean and natural without added preservatives or gelling agents
  • Alternative food source for dysphagic patients with swallowing problem
  • Fun and ‘Ready-to-Go’ alternative textured beverage that is healthier
  • Weight management with its satiety effect
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