BionicM Inc.

BionicM Inc. aims to provide an innovative motorized prosthetic leg which improves amputees' quality of life.

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Our Technology Offers

Innovative Motorized Prosthetic Leg

At present, 70% of lower limb amputees are aged 60 years or older, and 70% of lower limb amputees suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes. It is reported that a lower limb is lost to diabetes every 30 seconds in the world. The number of amputees will continue to increase given the rising incidence of diabetes. This calls for the need for better maintenance and improvement to the amputees’ Quality of Life (QoL).

Prosthesis offerings in the global market are primarily manual in operations, with 99% of them being non-powered prostheses. Users have numerous complaints such as being tired easily, fear of falling, and not being able to walk gracefully. Since existing prosthetic legs cannot assist the motion of people in their daily lives, amputees with muscle weakness including the elderly are unable to use the non-powered prosthesis due to huge physical burden stemming from the lack of body strength.

The company aims to improve the QoL of more than 10 million amputees in the world by providing highly functional robotic prosthesis and amputees developed based on its in-house humanoid robotics technology. The technology provides motion assistance and natural movement which help amputees’ mobility and overcomes the problems of non-powered prostheses.

With its current developmental focus on product size and weight reduction, and operating noise minimization while maintaining a long-last battery life, the company is seeking for collaborative partners who have expertise in small and noiseless actuators, as well as small high-capacity rechargeable battery.