ChannelEngine enables global distributed e-commerce, managed through a powerful suite of tools and partner-ecosystem. We maximize sales and profit while reducing international sales' complexity and minimizing the effort and needed workforce for direct-to-consumer e-commerce. ChannelEngine bridges any gap between current ERP/PIM/WMS/e-commerce platforms and external sales channels.

Our Technology Offers

The Leading Platform Connecting Global E-Commerce


Managing marketplaces is too complex for brands and retailers :

  • Integration challenges arising when integrating with various marketplaces and their different systems globally.
  • Content on all marketplaces should be fully controlled by the brand to make sure it is complete, attractive, and in line with brand guidelines.
  • The product range should be complete with the latest product lines available on all platforms.
  • Product selection and profitability should be managed in a smart and centralised way.
  • Stock levels and orders should be synchronised.
  • Resellers, availability and price levels should be monitored and controlled.

Our solution

The leading ecommerce infrastructure lets our clients use their store or back-end system to sell to everyone, worldwide. By creating a seamless integration between businesses and marketplaces, we empower companies to automate and maximise their sales potential internationally.

Our technology enables global, distributed ecommerce, managed through a powerful suite of tools and a partner ecosystem. It maximises sales and profit, while reducing international sales' complexity and minimising the effort and workforce for direct-to-consumer ecommerce. It bridges any gap between current ERP/PIM/WMS/ecommerce platforms and external sales channels.

Target users

Our customers have the opportunity to increase their online presence and outsmart their competition, by making use of the most comprehensive integration.

We help brands to gain control by selling directly on multiple online marketplaces.

We help distributors to boost their revenues with better margins.

We help retailers by selling more products wherever customers are searching for them.

Partner network

Our platform is growing significantly, by building a global partner network and ecosystem. There are different types of partners that benefit from working with us:

  • Full-service agencies
  • Value added tools and service partners
  • Integration partners
  • Technology/solution partners
  • Independent consultants