Xenoma Inc.

Xenoma develops the next-generation smart apparel ‘e-skin’ to provide well-being and happiness in your daily life. Tracking various data anytime and anywhere on the whole body, e-skin is one of the most ideal interfaces to monitor activities and vital signs. The special flexibility and comfort of the e-skin technology makes it possible to track and capture the user’s natural and unhindered performance.

Our Technology Offers

Quick and Easy Walking Analysis By Wearing Intelligent Pants

Early recognition of neurological and bodily disorders extends independence and autonomy in our rapidly aging society. One of the earliest indicators for such disorders are irregularities in gait.

This technology offer presents intelligent pants and an easy-to-use software to track walking behavior in real time, analyze the gait pattern and provide easily understandable feedback with a walking score.

The walking analysis reports can create awareness and motivation for required rehabilitation and physical therapy. Rehabilitation clinics, physio therapists and health-focused gyms finally have a tool to provide visual proof and objective measurements to their customers and patients without relying on cameras or mirrors.

The system can be further developed and customized for other features, such as haptic feedbacks.

Smart Clothing Connecting the Elderly to Their Loved Ones and Their Community

This technology offer presents a clothing that can be worn during sleep and daytime to measure elderly wearers’ daily activity as well as their sleep quality non-invasively. The analysis reports can also be shared with their loved ones and close friends.

In the event of an emergency, such as dangerous trip and fall accidents, the system will automatically alert the user’s family members so that they can get help on time. With this system, the elderly could prolong their health by getting immediate medical assistance.

Other sensors can be developed and integrated to the smart clothing for other applications, such as health monitoring.