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Innovative Finger Splint System

Technology Overview

This technology depicts a splint system with unique mechanism and various sizes to immobilize impacted fingers. The splint system seeks to improve patient compliance by reducing adverse effects of the existing finger splinting regimen. The target users include patients, healthcare providers and health products sellers. We are seeking partnership to license the IP and bring the product to market.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The splint system comes with a unique fastening mechanism which replaces the use of Velcro and adhesive tapes in existing splinting devices. Resultantly, users can easily apply and remove the splint with a functional hand as well as reducing skin irritations. The splint also comes in various sizes and will fit over the impacted finger as it heals, and therefore, reduces visits to therapists for custom fitting.

Potential Applications

  • Impacted fingers that do not require surgery.
  • Besides mallet fingers, it may also be useful in other finger deformities.

Customer Benefit

  • Save time and transportation costs in visits to therapist.
  • Free up therapists’ time as custom fitting is not required.
  • Users/patients can apply the splint independently with a functional hand.
Contact Person

Shi Min Tan


National Health Innovation Centre Singapore

Technology Category

  • Healthcare
  • Medical Devices

Technology Readiness Level


Splint, Finger deformities