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Intelligent Data Input Support

Technology Overview

This technology offer presents an Intelligent Data Input Support (IDIS) tool, an algorithm based on deep learning that automatically recognizes readings from the display of a medical device. This solution enables users, even those who do not have medical nor scientific training, to initiate the automated data entry from their own devices. It reduces errors during manual data entry and it is also useful in remote monitoring of patients.

The technology owner is currently seeking interest from partners who wish to incorporate this algorithm into their existing medical devices that capture readings via mobile applications, etc.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

IDIS recognizes and automatically extracts measurements from an image of the display of a medical device and stores the measurements in a database. IDIS is an improvement of existing text recognition technology that allows the text fields to be automatically parsed and interpreted, i.e. post-processing by human is not necessary. Furthermore, it also is able to discriminate and reject invalid/random images.

Potential Applications

  • IDIS is a useful tool with applications in telemedicine.
  • It is applicable in other areas where automated data capture from other types of instrumentation is needed, and can be applied for non-medical purposes.

Customer Benefit

  • Reduces manpower to manually enter data.
  • Avoiding errors in manual data entry.
Contact Person

Shi Min Tan


National Health Innovation Centre Singapore

Technology Category

  • Healthcare
  • Medical Devices, Telehealth, Medical Software & Imaging

Technology Readiness Level


Algorithm, Deep Learning, Image Extraction, Telemedicine