FlexBase BV is a company with more than eight years of experience designing, engineering, and building floating and amphibious structures for different purposes such as living, working, and leisure. We have offices in the Netherlands and Singapore.

Our motto is: "Living with water instead of fighting the water"

Our Technology Offers

Multi-Purpose Floating Sustainable Platform

The economic and physical losses due to the climate change and land subsidence is a serious problem. On the other hand, the lack of space in major Asian cities presents an opportunity for alternative construction methods such as the floating and climate proof constructions.

The basis of the multi-purpose floating concept consists of a multiple highly buoyant EPS layer (expanded polystyrene also known as Styrofoam), a concrete floor, and when necessary additional concrete beams. Depending on the application, three different configurations are available.

The platforms are all directly built on the water and its shape and size can be customised regardless of the environment conditions such as the presence of locks, bridges, and dams. In addition, the concept is unsinkable with a high level of buoyancy and is also 100% recyclable. Finally, it is maintenance free and has a long service lifetime.

It supports several international Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in respect of food security, safe and secure cities, and adaptive infrastructure. Finally, the concept will serve as a tool to create adaptive constructions.

The technology provider is looking for partners to develop floating concepts for the food industry, hospitality, energy suppliers, and IT developers.