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Digital Book Mobile App and Platform

Abstract/Technology Overview

Since the advent of smartphones, almost all traditional media companies are producing mobile digital content, which used to be printed on paper. This technology offer is a mobile digital book app which can be used to view digital media content. It offers enhanced user experience, and can be used as a convenient information delivery and marketing tool, replacing the existing paper media. The technology owner is seeking collaboration in technology transfer of the digital book system to interested technology partners.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The digital book app can support multi-media content such as video, virtual reality (VR), audio, mini-game, quiz and linked connection events. It supports interactive and dynamic contents. Publishing companies or individuals can build digital content using this system, and conveniently publish digital content through this technology platform. Thus, various traditional media content can be digitised and made dynamic and interactive.

Potential Applications

This technology is suitable for primary segments such as education and education technology. It is also suitable for use in segments such as exhibitions, tourism, and for publications like newsletters and magazines. It can also be used in tandem with motion recognition kiosks. The digital book market is about USD 2 trillion, and has grown by 20% because of COVID-19.

Customer Benefit

This technology is highly accessible as it is suitable for all kinds of smart mobile devices, using either iOS or Android . Downloaded content can be read with ease anytime, anywhere, and with enhanced user experience. Production cost increases according to the production quantity of paper books, but in the case of digital books, there is no limit to the number of distributions and the cost can be significantly reduced as the content is in digital form. The use of digital books compared to physical books reduces the consumption of trees required to produce the paper books, thus helping in environmental conservation.

Contact Person

Julius Park


AppMedia Inc.

Technology Category

  • Energy
  • Environment, Clean Air/Water
  • Infocomm
  • Educational Technology

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