MetalBuild Co Ltd

Metabuild has implemented, integrated, shared and delivered MESIM integrated middleware SW products to over 3000 organizations in the fields of Government 3.0, defense, education, finance, airport, Smart-city and others. Metabuild has been researching & development SW & IT convergence technology such as Smart-city monitoring Platform, Road incident scanning radar system, Ground Control System for unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV), M2M complex middleware and etc. Currently we have acquired 50 technology patents throughout the world and will achieve our foremost vision to become the global leading S/W company.

Our Technology Offers

Radar-based Traffic Incident Detection System

This technology offer is a radar-based real-time incident detection and monitoring system for preventing accidents and congestions on the road. It detects incidents using artificial intelligence (AI) object recognition, such as stopped vehicle, wrong way driving, accidents, fallen objects and pedestrians on the road, in all weather conditions.

The system provides the current traffic information to the administrator using graphical user interface (GUI) based software and sends this information to drivers in advance for accident avoidance.

In addition, it provides integrated control operation software that enables the road operation manager to flexibly monitor the detected road conditions in real time by individual items or in sections, and can automatically track and focus on obstacle locations in conjunction with a camera when an incident occurs.

South Korea