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A Low-cost and Secured RDMS that Improve Workload Efficiency

Technology Overview

In a world where data is at the core of everything, we offer a high-performance, highly secure, highly scalable next generation relational database management systems for enterprises that want to fully leverage their mission-critical data. Our RDBMS provides an enhanced view of processing, managing, and securing large-scale databases. It bridges the gap between legacy databases and running workloads in any cloud environments. Advanced features such as multi-thread architecture, encryption and more, let’s organization get the utmost returns of their investment.

It uses multiple working processes, and each working process uses multiple threads. The number of processes and threads can be changed. User requests are handled by thread pool, but removes the overhead of the dispatcher, which handles input/output processing. The memory usage and number of OS processes can be reduced by using thread pool. The number of simultaneous processes can be changed.

  • Strengths and features for any enterprises:
  • Highly compatible – in some cases as much as 97% compatibility
  • High availability (Active-Active clustering)
  • Simple licensing model similar to SaaS subscription pricing
  • High performance transaction processing
  • Scales with commodity hardware rather than expensive proprietary database servers
  • Active or passive standby database capability
  • Hyper-thread architecture
  • High security database encryption
  • Multi-node parallel recovery
  • Reliable shared server

We provide Free of charge Proof of concept for any qualified enterprise users. We also keen to collaborate with enterprises to adopt our database to develop any applications.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

We offer a relational database and database management system utility that is considered an alternative to Oracle Databases due to its complete compatibility.

We guarantee reliable database transactions, which are logical sets of SQL statements by supporting Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability. By providing enhanced synchronization between databases, our RDMS enables reliable database service operation in a multi-node environment.

This database technology implemented a unique Multi-Thread Architecture to address the disadvantages of previous DBMS. As a result, it can make efficient use of system resources, such as CPU and memory, through fewer server processes. This ensures that it offers a combination of performance, stability, and expandability, while facilitating development and administration functions. Additionally, it provides users and developers with various standard development interface to easily integrate with other DBMS and 3rd party tools.

The block transfer technology had been applied to improve the Active Cluster feature – the share DB clustering technology which is second in the world, supports self-tuning based performance optimization, reliable database monitoring, and performance management.

Features :

  • Multi-processor, H-threaded architecture
  • Optimized I/O process performance
  • Multi node parallel recovery
  • Active Cluster based on shared disk
  • Standby Cluster for DR server
  • Active Storage for storage virtualization
  • Parallel Query function
  • Optimized low-level locking
  • Transaction Failover
  • Backup/Recovery
  • Standard SQL Support
  • PL/SQL Compatibility
  • Embedded SQL Compatibility
  • JDBC, ODBC, OLEDB, OCI and DB-link Support

Potential Applications

Our technology is applicable in all applications that require storing, managing, querying and retrieving of data.

Customer Benefit

Low Cost

  • More than 50% savings off Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to Oracle
  • No additional charges for options which include partitioning, compression, and security
  • Flexible licensing which includes a Virtualized Environment
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance and support costs by over 65%

Low Risk

  • No retraining required for staff with pre-existing Oracle database knowledge
  • Extensive third-party software support
  • Fully automated migration
  • No application code changes; based on Oracle-compatibility
Contact Person

Alice Chin


TmaxSoft Ltd

Technology Category

  • Infocomm
  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation, Cloud Computing, Data Processing, High Performance Computing

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