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Web Application Server

Technology Overview

We offer the first web application server that is JAVA EE 7 Certified. It comes with a platform for developing, executing, and managing applications in the web environment. It can quickly and easily implement cloud environments and execute large transactions. It offers powerful and stable next generation capability that overcomes the structural problems of existing web servers. It also provides enhanced security, error handling and massive-scale transaction processing. The web application server improves performance by sharing memory and eliminating the network traffic required when two products are deployed on two servers.

It supports a robust cloud environment with added performance enhancements and advanced features to continue to meet the needs of the fast-growing Web Application Server industry. We provide a variety of enterprise system functions such as large transaction control, session management with high performance, distributed session clustering, support cloud computing, high scalability, improves development productivities, and more. The hierarchical structure offered by the web application server maximizes flexibility and extensibility and enables the effective easy use of business logic.

Features :

  • High Performance in Large Volume of Web Service Processing
  • The World’s First Java EE 5, 6, 7 Certification
  • Cloud-Ready Scalability
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

We provide Free of charge Proof of concept for any qualified enterprise users. We also keen to collaborate with enterprises s to adopt this web application server to run their web applications

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The web application server functions as a platform that can develop, operate, and execute applications in the web environment, as well as provide diverse services. It provides a variety of enterprise systems functions including an improved lightweight and flexible Java, scalability, and developer productivity. It supports dynamic load balancing while processing massive amounts of data and provide excellent performance.

Unique features such as reverse connection pooling allows a secure communication between external network (DMZ) and internal network without opening a firewall, helps to eliminate substantial external cyber threats.

Enterprise grade benefits :

  • Increase data security by eliminating open firewall ports
  • Improve performance through built-in clustering and dynamic scaling
  • Provide easy deployment and coexistence with standards adherence
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 50% vs. competitors in the first three years of ownership
  • Provide superior service based on proprietary technology
  • Meet full Java EE 7 specifications
  • Deliver high availability and stability with domain architecture and dynamic clustering
  • Provide graceful redeployment
  • Enable reverse connection pooling
  • Allow for rule-based, round-robin and dynamic load balancing
  • Support HTTP 1.1, IPv6, HTML, CGI, PHP, SSI and servlet programs
  • Provide centralized system management

Potential Applications

When integrates with web servers such as Apache to support dynamic load balancing while processing massive amounts of data and provide excellent performance. The web application server helps administrator to deliver business-critical application in a seamless way to avoid business-critical services e.g. finance to be degraded, downtime, revenue losses and scope of unplanned outages.

Customer Benefit

  • The domain architecture improves performance, usability, and scalability of the cloud environment. In additional, domain architecture support dynamic clustering that provides high level of elasticity, which is the basic requirement for cloud computing
  • Ensures continues availability of a seamless service delivery even when reinstallation/ version update of an application is to be initiated. That means, the request currently being process are completed before reinstallation / version update begins, thus preventing interruption in service delivery.
  • Offers up to 50% TCO after 3 years over existing web application servers
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