Kumamoto University

Our technologies will be exhibited as part of the JST pavilion.

Our Technology Offers

Microwave-Carbon Catalysis for Biomass Valorisation

Microwave accelerates reactions as it avoids pre-heating stage prevailing under conventional method. It also rotates materials based on polarity, thus providing effective interaction among many molecules. Carbon, a largely sustainable material, has a very strong affinity with microwave. Carbon-based catalysts can replace conventional harmful ones for biomass transformation reactions. They can be easily separated from the products and eliminates neutralisation, which are normally required in conventional catalysis. This significantly reduces reaction time and energy usage.

The research team offers know-how and technologies on the synergism of microwave and carbon-based catalysts applicable to many types of reactions related to biomass valorisation. They also have expertise on the design of catalysts for various applications.

The team is seeking collaborations with stakeholders from various industrial sectors such as those working on renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, etc. that are interested in sustainable green approaches to the utilisation of vast biomass resources in ASEAN region. They seek strong and sustainable partnerships to contribute to the realisation of Carbon Neutral 2050 and attainment of sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030 and beyond.