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Full Automation for Edible Insects Mass-Rearing Technology and Software

Technology Overview

This technology allows to create a global opportunity to establish thousands of insect farms to secure sustainable and safe production of organic proteins for feed and food markets. The global market demand for alternative protein is growing, especially the aquafeed market.

This solution is a modular automated insect farm with pre-programmed industrial software, based on unique scientific and engineering know-how, which allows more effective, safer and cheaper insect farming everywhere and to everyone, without being an entomologist.

Target customer can be a food or feed producer, who wants to produce insect-based products.

Possible partnership : This technology owner is planning to expand and is looking for interested strategic partners, potential adopters of this technology who are in the edible insect industry (feed/food).

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Fully automated edible insect mass-rearing technology enables insect farmers to produce high quality protein food products derived from edible insects more effectively at large scale, while using fewer human resources in the standardised process. Existing farms are easily scalable thanks to automated solutions and low labour needs.

The key features include :

  • a fully automated mass-rearing reactor,
  • control unit/controller,
  • software with sensors and self-learning IT-platform.

This secures standardized production where insects feed, living environment and final product are constantly measured and controlled (15 – 150 kg/m3 of end product).

The reactor control unit/controller automatically controls the sensitive rearing process for crickets, ensuring an optimal environment in closed controlled conditions without the need for human intervention.

The self-learning IT-platform collects and analyses data from reactors and downstream production units and controls the process with pre-programmed settings. In turn, the customer can monitor and control the production conditions and outputs using a user-friendly dashboard and optimize the whole production process without extensive scientific knowledge.

Potential Applications

This solution is initially targeting customers in the rapidly growing global edible insect market, that includes animal feed, fish feed and pet food markets as well. A large variable of edible insect products can be made using the end product the technology offers.

The market for insect protein made for human consumption is estimated to reach 4.63 bn USD in 2027 with a CAGR of 26.5% (2020-27). The rapid growth is due to increasing consumer demand for insect-based protein products. Moreover, the growth will be even bigger considering animal feed, fish feed and pet food markets.

Customer Benefit

The company's technology created new standards for the insect industry – meaning that every edible insect farmer/producer has a chance to base their Go-To-Market-Plan using this innovative technology.

  • Quick ROI, e.g. max 1,5 years for insect farm with 50 reactor units installed
  • Reduces manual work
  • Offers cost reduction (1 FTE vs 10 FTE for 100 reactors)
  • New revenue stream with minimal R&D investment
  • Lowering the carbon footprint = less expenses
  • Sustainable (uses circular economy, is zero-waste)
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Pirke Prii



Technology Category

  • Foods
  • Ingredients, Processes, Quality / Safety

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