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Bio pH regulation and bio microelectric current activation using Somatid Mineral Graphene balls

Technology Overview

Healthy individuals have their bioelectricity within the negative range. Human cells work normally when their bioelectricity is at -25mV. When the body’s bioelectricity shifts to positive electron range (e.g. +30mV), diseases may develop. Another health metric is bio pH. Our cells are healthy when the pH of our blood and body fluids is weakly alkaline (pH 7.35-7.45). Acidification of our body fluids can contribute to illnesses. There are four common phenotypes stemming from human diseases, including accumulation of toxins in the body, low metabolic activities (blood circulation issues), acidification of blood and body fluids, and positronization of bio microelectricity (discharge under -25mV). This technology aims to improve general health and wellness by managing these phenotypes of diseases.

The technology is designed for bio pH regulation and bio microelectric current activation of the human body using Somatid Mineral Graphene balls and warm alkaline water treatment. Somatid Mineral Graphene balls comprises two components: highly concentrated mineral base Somatid and graphene. Somatid contains seven types of minerals that naturally emit negative electrons, and high-density near-infrared and far-infrared rays. Somatids from plants and seaweed have high concentrations of vital nutrients and vitamins. Combining somatids with graphene allows for excellent conductivity for bio microelectric currents activation and bio pH (acidity) regulation in the human body.

The technology aims to target patients as well as the general population for improving their health and wellness. The technology provider is seeking both licensing and collaboration opportunities with medical or biotechnology organizations who have interests in general wellbeing technologies.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The technology comprises somatid mineral graphene balls that naturally emit negative electrons, and high-density near infrared and far infrared rays. This activates micro electric currents (negative electron charging) in the body and readjusts the pH of acidified human body fluids to weak alkaline.

Somatid Mineral Graphene balls are installed in a bathtub to produce weak alkaline Exclusion Zone (EZ) negative-electron mineral warm water. This allows the application of negative electron weak alkaline mineral warm water to 361 acupuncture points, and more than 20,000 skin areas throughout the human body. Through this, a person’s bioelectricity is positronized, and the pH of blood and body fluids is rebalanced.

This is an innovative technology that effectively improves people’s health and wellness safely. Furthermore, the technology can conveniently restore the body to a healthy state without involving medical experts. This is achieved by managing the four phenotypes of diseases through activating the body's toxin discharge and metabolism. This can help expedite patients’ recovery in conjunction with regular hospital check-ups and treatment.

Potential Applications

  • The primary application of this technology is for individuals who want to maintain his/her health and well-being
  • Patients can be treated with this technology in parallel with their treatments at the hospitals and clinics for expediting their recovery journey
  • This technology can also be implemented at general wellness institutions like spa and sauna centers

Customer Benefits

  • A non-invasive alternative option for the general public to improve their health and wellness
  • A complementary wellness method for patients to expedite their recovery process
  • Long usability period of up to 3 years of somatid mineral graphene balls makes the technology an economical therapy for end users
  • This technology provides product/service offering diversification opportunities for businesses in the health and wellness sector
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Sun Ryu


Korea Rising Technology

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  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics
  • Personal Care
  • Nutrition & Health Supplements, Wellness & Spa

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Microcurrent, bioelectricity, battery charge, human PH (acidity) adjustment, EZ (exclusion zone) negative electronic structures