Cognuse OÜ

Cognuse builds digital health solutions for healthcare staff and patients with a focus on improving guidelines adherence, enhancing care quality, patient safety and outcomes across the care continuum.

Cognuse investors and partners include Johns Hopkins University, 500 Startups, Philips, the Red Cross, the Estonian Government, and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Our Technology Offers

Guideline Adherence and Management System at the Point of Care

This technology offer is a Guideline Adherence and Management System with a mobile application, which makes nursing protocols easily actionable and accessible. By providing step-by-step guidelines, the system helps to improve the quality of care and prevent adverse events. Comfortable content creation and management provided by the Content Management System makes keeping protocols up-to-date effortlessly and enables data-based decision making. In addition to medical staff and junior nurses, this system can also be used by patient’s family members and caregivers to support post-discharge care at home. This system is a comprehensive safety net tool for all stakeholders in the care continuum.

This technology offer helps to address the problem of preventable adverse events (PAEs) in healthcare. It is estimated that up to 40% of patients suffer an adverse event when admitted to hospital. PAEs negatively impact the quality of care, patient safety, as well as medical staff morale, and may prolong patients’ hospital stay, cause permanent harm, and even result in a fatal outcome. As PAEs are one of the main cost driver for hospitals, there is a need for hospitals to significantly reduce the incidence of PAEs.