Cybernetica headquartered in Tallinn Estonia, is expanding footprint in the ASEAN countries. We build mission critical systems for a smart and secure world. Our technologies are used in 35 countries all over the world. We have over 20-years of experience in building future-proof products that rely on research and development. Cybernetica has been a key partner in developing Estonian e-governance solutions, making Estonia known as the most digital society in the world. Our unique expertise ranges from digital identity and secure data exchange like the X-road to i-voting, e-customs, information security and situational awareness

Our Technology Offers

Distributed Secure Data Exchange for Government and Enterprise

We offer a platform for distributed secure data exchange and interoperability. The platform is currently being used for government-wide data exchange in several parts of the world: Ukraine, Namibia, Benin, Aruba, Greenland etc. Enterprise use is rolled out in Japan.

This platform brings together data from organizations, information systems, and databases. It provides crucial components for interoperability and data exchange in a secure and standardized way. The platform allows service providers to retain control over their systems and data, yet making them a member of an infinitely scalable and decentralized data exchange network.

This platform is targeted at situations where several parties wish to establish a standardized communication channel that provides confidentiality, strong authentication and long-term proof value of the relayed messages. The model case for this situation is a governmental data exchange infrastructure. Here the communicating parties are governmental agencies, private companies and citizens who exchange data with each other by calling services (service-oriented architecture).

We are looking for partners from:

  • public sector, to advance the maturity of e-governance in their countries
  • private sector, to work on implementing interoperability and secure data exchange in government, such as consultancies, systems integrators etc.
  • enterprise, to implement enterprise-wide and enterprise-to-enterprise secure data exchange as a catalyst to digital transformation