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Digitalisation, Control & Monitoring of Reliability Chambers

Technology Overview

Data logging are typically used to record the test profiles for reliability chambers for quality assurance. This includes test chambers such as relative humidity, temperature cycle and shock etc. These data were either physically plotted or stored in USB drive prior to manual uploading into the system for archiving. Calibration and assessment of these chambers are always done annually to satisfy the test standards. The current system offers a method to digitalise these reliability chambers using a plug and play module through the RS232/485 port. This enables the live temperature and alerts to be sent to mobile phones or workstations for monitoring and archiving. In addition, the system enables remote access to operate the reliability chamber. Calibration of the test chambers can also be performed intelligently to compensate the temperature setting if necessary. The system aims to improve productivity, ease of documentation and safety.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The plug and play wireless sensor module enables digitalisation of legacy reliability chambers. This allows the test profiles to be pervasive and accessible through mobile phones or desktop terminals. The system also comes with an alert system to notify its users. All profiles are archived for ease of customer reference and audit. Remote operating of the reliability chambers can also be achieved to ease labour scheduling. For calibration, the sensors can be installed in the oven so that profiles are captured and sent to certifying parties for calibration. Temperature profiles can then be compensated if necessary to meet the standard.


  • Plug and play wireless sensor nodes.
  • Ease of installation without major cabling as far as 1 km.
  • Enable digitalisation for legacy reliability chambers.
  • Remote temperature monitoring and operation of the reliability chambers.
  • Archiving of test profiles for ease of customer reference and audit.
  • An SMS alert will be sent to notify of temperature excursions.
  • Calibration of reliability chambers can be done remotely by certifying parties.
  • Low-cost of digitalisation and operations.

Potential Applications

The system is designed for legacy reliability chambers with the availability of RS232/485 port for digitalisation. The digitalisation of such test chambers enables ease of operations. This technology can also be used for the following applications:

  • Oven or refrigerator monitoring and alert.
  • Measurement instruments with RS232/485 port for monitoring and analysis.
  • Digitalisation of all forms of sensors for monitoring and analysis.
  • Legacy equipment with RS232/485 port for monitoring and analysis
  • Overall equipment effective index (OEEI) for equipment utilisation improvements

Customer Benefit

  • Low-cost digitalisation system to ease operations
  • Remote monitoring, alert, and operations.
  • Archiving of test profile for calibration and audit.
  • Better customer experience.
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Kyusik Shim



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