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Drop-in Anchor for Efficient Installation Process

Technology Overview

Drop-in anchors are fastening bolts that are extensively used in the construction industry. The existing drop-in anchor design comprises of three components: anchor body, inner stud and retainer. During installation, the inner stud is driven forward to expand the anchor body by delivering several hammering actions from behind. This secures the anchor in a pre-drilled hole in the concrete. However, this method requires more physical exertion which could cause fatigue, safety, and performance issues to arise.

The new anchor design transforms the installation process such that it requires less physical effort from the worker. This will reduce fatigue and increase overall efficiency in the installation process.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The new anchor design provided innovative solution to replace linear hammering motion to drive the drop-in anchor expansion. The driving torque is applied to drive the expansion plug forward through the screw thread, exploiting mechanical leverage to use a low driving torque to expand the slit portion of the anchor as compared to existing design where it requires heavy hammer strikes for the same expansion.

To deliver the driving torque to the expansion stud and not to the anchor body, the top end of the anchor body is specially designed to prevent the anchor body from rotating when driving torque is applied to the expansion plug.


These are the benefits of the new anchor design:

  • Reduced physical exertion from the worker
  • Shorter installation time

Improved overall efficiency in the installation process

Potential Applications

The drop-in anchor can be employed in the construction industry, as a direct alternative to the current drop-in anchor in the market.

Customer Benefit

  • Enhanced productivity at construction site
  • Cost effective with reduced manpower
  • Consistency in quality of work
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