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LoRa Communication Call System for Productivity Improvement

Technology Overview

This technology offers a wireless (LoRa) communication paging/call system to be deployed in hospitals and nursing homes to alert care providers of the immediate need for assistance among clients and patients. The system will enable caregivers to maximise the utilisation of their staff, while not compromise the safety of patients, seniors on their premises.

This nurse call system comes with an upgraded wireless protocol that supports more triggers/pendants per base station; an upgraded Data Analytics Backend for client behavioural and service quality analyses.

In addition, the system can be deployed in retail and hospitality sector as well to improve the productivity and resource utilisation. The system is fully customizable and configurable based on user’s requirements.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The features of this technology are:

  • Waterproofed trigger device with integrated panic button + programmable service buttons (pull cord trigger available)
  • Integration with a Data Analytics backend, i,e. collection of alert data
  • Connectivity through LoRa and WIFI
  • Connected to a Data-Analytics Backend Engine.


  • Wireless system using LoRa and Wi-Fi
  • Cost effective system (Ease of installation and maintenance)
  • Data analysis of continuous improvement of working process.
  • No engagement with a 3rd party company for maintenance (Training can be provided for the staff)

Potential Applications

LoRa communication call System can be applied to:

The system also can be deployed at retail and hospitality sector.

Customer Benefits

  1. Nursing / Institutional Homes / Hospitals
  2. Doctors’ Clinics
    • Low installation cost
    • Durable and waterproof hardware
    • Configurable for different scenarios and/or circumstances.
Contact Person

Kyusik Shim



Technology Category

  • Infocomm
  • Enterprise & Productivity
  • Internet of Things & Wearable Technology
  • Wireless Technology

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wireless, sensor node, manufacturing