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Mobile Outdoor Robotic Solution for Productivity and Safety of the Roadworks

Technology Overview

Roadside works are common daily occurrences, yet are also fraught with hazards for the workers. From operating at close proximity to high speed traffic, to laborious tasks demanding manual strength, the workers are constantly exposed to safety and injury risks.

The Mobile Outdoor Robotic Solution rests on the concept of a weather resistant industrial robot arm mounted on a mobile vehicle platform, which is capable of executing the manual operations of human workers by the roadside. A linear track, coupled with the existing 6-axes of freedom of movement, extends the robot’s reach and dexterity to cover a multitude of functions.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The Mobile Outdoor Robotic Solution translates the strengths of the industrial robot arm from the factory floor to the outdoor environment, by utilising the robot arm to execute the incumbent manual operations at higher efficiency, higher precision, while saving on manual labour in the process. This can be achieved only by applying the necessary safety precautions and perimeter fencing, through a combination of vision, laser, and/or haptic sensors to provide the necessary safety zone monitoring. In replacing the human worker in the workflow, productivity gains can be achieved on top of removing the human worker from the risk environment itself.


  • Higher efficiency and enhanced productivity.
  • Free from the safety concerns of the roadside workers.
  • Easy deployment and configurable for other applications.

Potential Applications

The concept of the Mobile Outdoor Robotic Solution may be applied to a multitude of use cases including, but not limited to;

  • Automated placement and retrieval of road closure equipment

Customer Benefit

The Mobile Outdoor Robotic Solution primarily improves the safety of roadside workers by reducing the human workers required at the risk environment itself.
Dependent on the particular use case, the Robotic solution can attain productivity gains by executing the task at a higher efficiency rate than human workers as well.

Contact Person

Kyusik Shim



Technology Category

  • Environment, Clean Air/Water
  • Green Building
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly / Automation / Robotics

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Robotics, roadwork, safety