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Hydrophobic Membrane for Dissolved Gas Removal

Technology Overview

Gas-liquid membrane contactors integrates absorption process with membranes and can be used to degas liquid streams. This technology relates to a robust hollow fiber membrane that is hydrophobic and mechanically strong. It can be used in many industrial processes, such as removal of dissolved gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and ammonia from liquids (degassing), addition of gases into liquids (gasification), membrane distillation of wastewater and seawater, and carbon dioxide capture as membrane contactors, etc.

The technology provider is seeking industry partners to adopt and commercialize the technology.

The target users are engineering companies who supply membrane systems, membrane manufacturers, food & beverage companies, and semiconductor companies.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The hydrophobic hollow fiber membrane is strong and highly permeable to gases. It offers stable performance at high temperature and wide pH range (1-13). It also has excellent resistance to harsh halogenated chemicals and oxidative reagents (chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide etc.). Compared with the conventional technologies, this technology offers 20-30 times more surface area per cubic meter than what is achievable in gas absorbers and 300-500 times than what is obtainable in liquid extraction columns. Therefore, the technology favors the users in terms of smaller foot print, higher throughput and enhance reliability.

Potential Applications

The primary application is the removal of dissolved gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide, ammonia) from ultrapure water and wastewater in semiconductor plants. The technology can be also used for the removal of carbon dioxide from aquaculture water, gasification of liquid food and beverage, liquid separation/purification processes using membrane distillation, air filtration, and aeration medium of Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor for wastewater treatment. This membrane can be used to develop membrane contactors for liquid degassing or gasification, air filters, and water filtration membranes.

Customer Benefit

  • Small footprint
  • High throughput
  • High efficiency
  • Ease of use
Contact Person

Jincai Su


Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Technology Category

  • Environment, Clean Air/Water
  • Biological & Chemical Treatment, Filter Membrane/Absorption Material
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Materials

Technology Readiness Level


hydrophobic hollow fiber membrane, membrane contactor