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Pharmacogenomics AI for Point-of-Care (PoC) Tests

Technology Overview

Data analytics pipelines and predictive algorithms/tools using human genetics are gathering interest in the growing field of precision or individualised medicine. Through our technology, we target the use of each individual’s genetics to discern for individuals, who may respond poorly to drug treatments. Such knowledge will assist clinicians in making informed decisions on treatment options and allow them to administer alternative treatments with the aim of better treatment response. Most importantly our technology focuses on the early identification of a patient’s drug response which will help prevent potential adverse drug reactions or disease progression arising from poor drug response.

We are seeking partnership to license our product commercially and further co-develop this product as well as test the technology in different populations.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our tech-pipeline integrates the use of tools, algorithms and biological databases to help enhance the precision and capacity in predicting drug response in individuals.

Currently, predictions of drug response using genetics have often been focused on specific groups of genes, but our team believes that there are much more beyond that. By incorporating popular machine-learning and artificial intelligence techniques, we seek to use human genetics focusing on functional sites/regions to garner new insights beyond what is ‘already known’.

We believe in developing an automated pipeline driven by patient-derived genetic data to identify biologically meaningful factors that will discern drug responses across individuals. Not only that, our focus on functional sites allows for the study of intricate mechanisms contributing towards differences in drug responses. Importantly, the knowledge will aid in pharmaceutical research, especially in probing for novel methods to enhance efficacy of drugs in individuals with poor or adverse drug response.

Potential Applications

Currently, the market for Precision Medicine is predicted to be worth over USD 120 Billion in the next few years. Our product can be developed into point-of-care (PoC) Drug Response Predictive Test with a user-friendly scorecard and customizable report based on the genetic test and other features to distinguish responders from non-responders of drugs. Potential revenue sources include from sales of products such as the PGx test kit, genotyping services, data processing/analytics, and report generation.

Customer Benefit

Benefits for clinicians :

  • Improve decision making in treatment

Benefits for patients :

  • Avoid unnecessary costly treatment
  • Prevention of further disease progression due to non-efficacious treatment.

Benefits for researchers :

  • Facilitate development of prediction model in drug response/discovery/efficacy and safety prediction studies
Contact Person

Karen He


National University of Singapore

Technology Category

  • Healthcare
  • Diagnostics

Technology Readiness Level


Precision Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, Pharmacogenomics, Drug Response Predictive Test