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Probiotic Dairy-Free Beverage with Bioactive Properties

Technology Overview

A non-dairy fermented beverage is now able to have enhanced levels of probiotics and bioactives.

This fermentation process releases the bioactives from the plant material which is used as the base and elevates the levels of the probiotic bacteria and health promoting end products. The technology includes optimizing the beverage production for a particular probiotic. This probiotic has proven health benefits and has been shown to exhibit enhanced survival in the fermented beverage.

With this fermentation process, the non-dairy beverage will be able to deliver high levels of efficacious probiotic together health promoting bioactive compounds. This will be suitable for people who are seeking to have a healthy gut microbiome and over good health.

Looking for: joint venture partners for commercial formulation co-development and expanded technology scope.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

While fermentation for food production is not novel and neither are probiotics, the combination of the ingredients in this beverage and the fermentation parameters are novel and innovative.

The technology is an improvement over the “State of the Art” in that it allows to:

  • Deliver multiple health promoting benefits in single product,
  • Enhance probiotic survival as compared to other fermentation processes which yield a loss of the viability of the probiotic during storage.

This technology provides the user with multiple benefits in the one product.

Potential Applications

The primary application area for this technology will be for food and beverage market. Because of the enhanced health benefits all delivered in the one product, the technology have the following application:

  • Food and beverage
  • Products designed for patients needing a boost to their overall health e.g. hospitals, post antibiotic treatments etc.
  • Beverages in different serving sizes to suit the target consumer group

Customer Benefit

This technology can be taken up by any food and beverage production company to add a novel health promoting product to their product portfolio.

Benefits of Adopting this Technology :

  • Obtain multiple benefits in one product rather than having the need to purchase multiple different products.
  • Enhanced survival of the probiotic. Other probiotic products have to over-dose the product to allow for loss of viability of the probiotic on storage.
  • Cost saving for the producer (hence competitive pricing or savings can be past to consumer)
Contact Person

Patricia Conway


Singapore National Biofilm Consortium

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  • Foods
  • Ingredients
  • Personal Care
  • Nutrition & Health Supplements

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