CBE Eco-Solutions Pte Ltd

Established in 2020 by graduates from National University of Singapore, CBE Eco-Solutions Pte Ltd is a deep-tech company with patented technologies, which were developed by our founders in Sembcorp-NUS Corporate Laboratory, a S$ 60 million research programme jointly invested by National Research Foundation (NRF), Sembcorp and NUS over a five-year period. We are revolutionizing the oil & gas industry by converting oil refinery carbon waste to value-added products.

Our Technology Offers

Recycling Carbon Waste into High-value Products

Oil refinery carbon waste contains various heavy metals and fine carbon particles with random distribution of different morphologies, which makes it difficult to be upcycled. Currently, these are just burnt off and the remaining ash would be sent to landfills.

The technology is a proprietary process, consisting of two parts:

  1. Leaching and recovery process, which separates heavy metals from the carbon waste in normal temperature and pressure using an environmentally friendly reagent, and then selectively convert vanadium to vanadium pentoxide. Our proprietary synthesis route is highly selective for vanadium so that the purity of final vanadium pentoxide is higher than 99%;
  2. Activation process, which converts the purified carbon to highly porous and surface functionalized activated carbon. A catalyst (our proprietary formulation) is coated on the carbon surface with optimal thickness, followed by optimized heating program with the presence of specific gas, such that both pore enhancement and surface functionalization could be achieved.

Through this, two products can be produced, namely activated carbon and vanadium pentoxide. Activated carbon could be used in wastewater treatment, air purification or battery electrodes, while vanadium pentoxide could be used in the manufacturing of steel alloys and vanadium flow batteries, amongst others.

This company is seeking collaboration with oil refinery companies to license the technology or scale up the process in a joint venture model.