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RadiLogic: Bringing AI into Radiology

Technology Overview

A new approach to carry out high throughput screening for COVID-19 pneumonia in large numbers of suspected COVID-19 patients is developed that will quickly triage patients with CXR radiographic findings (prior to a RT-PCR diagnosis) to stratify for high-risk patients and thus optimize hospital resources.

The technology is developed on carefully curated Covid-19 pneumonia and other chest X-Ray images, by AI technology from deep transfer learning to seamlessly provide the radiology feedback for radiologists and clinicians.

The software system is currently deployed in clinical environment, high performance achieved at AUC>0.94. Industrial partners are sought to commercialize this technology to bring benefits to the healthcare industry.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

RadiLogic helps to expedite and right-size patients with COVID-19 pneumonia for early isolation and therapy to address the followings :

  • At the peak of the pandemic, our 2000-bed hospital admitted 900 COVID-19 patients and saw 500 patients a day at the screening centre
  • Assuming there are around 30 patients on the reporting worklist at any time, RadiLogic would shorten the radiologist turn-around time for the CXR+ case at the bottom of the worklist from 60 min to less than 2 min. i.e., fast-tracking the clinical decision-making process by nearly an hour.
  • Patients with severe disease would have received expedited access to the high-dependency unit for supplemental oxygen/mechanical ventilation

Potential Applications

RadiLogic can provide support to radiological services and assist them to cope with surges in demand during the pandemic, for examples :

  • Triage tool to expedite radiologist review and reporting (especially on-call)
  • Support GPs and ED physicians in their busy practice before formal radiologist review
  • Audit tool as a "second read" for diagnosis
  • Automated severity assessment for clinical decision support

Customer Benefits

The technology offers several benefits to healthcare providers and patients such as :

  • Helps to speed up triaging large numbers of suspected COVID-19 patients with pneumonia.
  • Stratifies high-risk patients for immediate attention
  • Optimize hospital resources especially, during the pandemic.
  • Patients with severe disease could received expedited access to the high-dependency unit for supplement oxygen/mechanical ventilation.
Contact Person

June Loh


Singapore Health Technologies Consortium (HealthTEC)

Technology Category

  • Healthcare
  • Diagnostics, Telehealth, Medical Software & Imaging

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AI model for screening, diagnosis, Covid-19, X-ray image, Workflow deployment