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Real-Time Wireless Localisation and Vital Sign Monitoring System

Technology Overview

There is a need in the healthcare industry for digitalisation and real-time monitoring. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted these needs even more.

This technology offer presents a real-time wireless system for localization and vital sign monitoring. The wireless system receives a user’s health vital signs from vital signs devices, such as pulse oximeter, and displays them onto a web dashboard. This helps to monitor and track for any abnormal readings from a user. This solution could also be useful in a hospital setting, in which the system aids in alerting medical staff for intervention if the system detects any abnormal activities from the patients. The vital signs that can be tracked includes Heart Rate (HR) and Oxygen Saturation (SpO2).

In addition, the wireless signals can also be used for indoor localization and positioning. It allows the location of users to be determined during emergencies, and also facilitates contact tracing. The system can also be used to track equipment and other moveable items.

The applications of this real-time wireless system do not limit to medical applications, it can also be applied to construction industry. For instance, this solution helps to monitor the workers for heat exposure, working environment, workers’ health and safety.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The technology comprises an Internet-of-Things (IoT) system for accurate tracing of location and health vital signs. The key components include a Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi network that allows for seamless connectivity, transmission of vital sign data and localisation. This allows for real-time tracking of users’ health, notifying users of abnormal readings along with instructions to either retake readings or to alert caregivers directly. The system also allows the user to record the readings for up to 3 days. This enables medica staff to trace and detect any alarming conditions of the patient.

On top of this, the system provides real-time location tracking, in which the medical staff can monitor all patients or a particular patient’s location in one view. This can greatly assist doctors during emergency and attend to the patient quickly. Beside real-time location tracking, the system also provides playback location tracking, which can be useful for contact tracing.

Potential Applications

  • The primary vertical is in healthcare. This system can be best used in hospitals whereby patients’ health can be monitored at different periods of the day and medical staff to be alerted early if the system detects any abnormal conditions.
  • This system can be used by organisations in office, dormitory or home settings to help monitor employees’ health and detect potentially unwell employees easily.
  • This system can apply to organisations that have shared equipment to manage in order to keep track where they might be. This can be useful especially in emergency situations where essential equipment needs to be accessed and found easily.

This technology offer is particularly attractive as it supports real-time and digitalising tracing, which is a high demand amidst the covid-19 pandemic. Since it is a wireless system, logistical overhead is greatly reduced, in which the monitoring system can taps onto the current Wi-Fi network in the hospital or company for vital signs data transmission.

Customer Benefits

  • Reducing manpower and error in recording and tracking of individual vital signs and location
  • Early detection of abnormal health condition
  • Ensuring workplace safety by detecting potentially unwell employee
  • Easy to access and view patient’s past health data and location
  • Reducing the time taken to find a patient’s whereabouts in emergency situation,
  • Reducing manpower and time to conduct contact tracing
  • Reducing time and resources to find equipment
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June Loh


Singapore Health Technologies Consortium (HealthTEC)

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  • Healthcare
  • Medical Devices, Telehealth, Medical Software & Imaging

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