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Urban Navigation with e-Guide Dog

Technology Overview

The technology offer presents a smart low-cost navigation system that provides accurate indoor and outdoor navigation guidance for the visually handicapped.

The core of the navigation system uses a train and navigate technique through landmark identification and accurate distance tracking. No building floorplans or additional infrastructure investments are needed. The system is also enhanced with obstacle and traffic light detection through the uses of sensors and AI algorithms for additional guidance through voice playback alerts.

The system can also be customised and configurable based on user applications as a wearable device, and to suit a wide range of navigation applications.

The technology owner is currently looking for partners to collaborate on commercialising the system into potential urban navigation products.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The technology features are :

  • Low-cost indoor and outdoor navigation using sensors, including distance tracking accuracy of less than 1 m and minimal positioning error accumulation.
  • Optical detection sensors for obstacles.
  • AI algorithms for traffic light signal detection.
  • Real-time voice playback alert system.

Potential Applications

  • Indoor and outdoor navigation for the visually impaired
  • Navigation guide or accurate wayfinding for any application
  • Robot navigation
  • System can also be expanded not only for visually impaired but for wayfinding applications for the elderly.

Customer Benefits

Notable benefits of this technology :

  • Cost effective navigation system without the needs for building floorplans or changes to infrastructure. It is also cheaper than the existing “real” guide dog.
  • Accurate navigation with a positional accuracy of less than 1m
  • Increases safety of the visually impaired during travel through real-time smart obstacle and traffic light detection.
Contact Person

June Loh


Singapore Health Technologies Consortium (HealthTEC)

Technology Category

  • Healthcare
  • Telehealth, Medical Software & Imaging

Technology Readiness Level


Visually impaired, navigation, AI, traffic light signal detection, obstacle detection