Hydroemission Corporation

Hydroemission is a material science company extending from R&D to manufacturing of Controlled Released products. We have developed a series of proprietary platforms to develop innovative products to lower environmental impact; reduce labour requirements; and improve Health & Safety. Application range from Pesticides to Sanitation and Ambient Scenting. Hydroemission further collaborates with SMEs and MNCs to support their product development teams transforming products or finding innovative solution to known market needs.

Our Technology Offers

Advanced Materials For Sustainable Agriculture

The company helps growers and farmers become more efficient and sustainable in their practices by innovatively solving insect, weed, and diseases problems.

Through applying its proprietary controlled release technology, the company converts a wide range of commercially available actives such as fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides into solid, ready-to-use, self-metering dosages that release actives only as needed. When applied, these products enable an overall operational cost reduction of 15-20%, reduce actives consumption by 2-3 times, and reduce application rates by 3-4 times.

The company seeks to co-develop such products with growers and farmers. Once tested and ready for commercialization, it will undertake the local product registration (if required), as well as the manufacture and supply of the products directly to the growers and farmers at a pre-agreed price.

A Sustainable Packaging Solution for Home Care Products

Through its proprietary encapsulation technique, the company converts a wide range of household chemicals, especially those in liquid forms, into solid, concentrated, water dispersible, single-use dosages that are completely water and plastic free. They can be easily diluted with water prior to use and ensure consumers do not use too much of the product, fulfilling consumers’ expectations for sustainability and user-friendliness.

The company seeks partnership with consumer goods companies for a joint development of new home care products, putting together their competency in encapsulation technology and the partners' expertise in the actives and applications.