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A Sustainable Packaging Solution for Home Care Products

Technology Overview

Through its proprietary encapsulation technique, the company converts a wide range of household chemicals, especially those in liquid forms, into solid, concentrated, water dispersible, single-use dosages that are completely water and plastic free. They can be easily diluted with water prior to use and ensure consumers do not use too much of the product, fulfilling consumers’ expectations for sustainability and user-friendliness.

The company seeks partnership with consumer goods companies for a joint development of new home care products, putting together their competency in encapsulation technology and the partners' expertise in the actives and applications.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Unique features of the technology:

  • Plastic free
  • Water free
  • Natural, organic appearance and feel
  • Dispersible upon contact with water
  • Average dissolution rate of 1.2g/min (in still water at room temperature)
  • Can encapsulate liquids, pastes and solids, up to 75% of product weight
  • Natural, biodegradable and water soluble

Benefits of the technology:

  • Enables a new product form
  • Ease of use
  • Accurate dosing
  • Reduce packaging and plastic waste
  • Reduce logistics costs

Potential Applications

This technology is recommended for home care applications.

Through the adoption of the technology, innovative forms of laundry detergents, fragrances, surface cleaners, dishwashing products, toilet cleaners, and others could be developed and commercialised.

The estimated market size is USD 320 billion by 2028 (Source: Fortune Business Insights, June 2021).

Customer Benefit

This technology allows consumer goods companies to tailor a suite of new, innovative home care products targeted at fulfilling consumers’ expectations for sustainability and user-friendliness.

Case studies show that through adoption of the technology, plastic usage is reduced by 80-90% and effective product weight is reduced by 60-90%, in comparison to traditional forms of home care products.

It also supports the shift from retail to e-commerce that demands more compact and liquid free product forms.

Contact Person

Grace Chew


Hydroemission Corporation Pte Ltd

Technology Category

  • Chemicals
  • Flavours and Fragrances
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical Processes
  • Fragrances, Wellness & Spa

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