Psigryph Inc.

Psigryph is a bio-nanotechnology company which develops products broadly targeted towards global animal and plant agriculture. Psigryph Inc. was founded in 2018 and identified product opportunities in many industries such as Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical and Cannabis. Our plant-derived nanostructures and food powders have been researched extensively in the lab and are ready to enter the market. We seek collaborations with other innovative and industry leading companies to provide our technology to improve the health of Humans, Animals and the Environment.

Our Technology Offers

Sour Cherry Derived Food Powder

This technology allows you to obtain food powder which is derived from sour cherries. It can be ingested in several forms, but the primary method will be mixing the powder with liquids or sprinkling it on top of food.

The powder is intended to enhance the nutrient density of foods. This powder can be used to prevent or combat chronic diseases, particularly obesity. The powder can be used by anyone wishing to increase the nutrients in their diets, but it will be especially helpful for people looking to lose weight, reduce their cholesterol, and prevent fatty liver disease.

We are looking to partnerships within the food and beverage industry.