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Sour Cherry Derived Food Powder

Abstract/Technology Overview

This technology allows you to obtain food powder which is derived from sour cherries. It can be ingested in several forms, but the primary method will be mixing the powder with liquids or sprinkling it on top of food.

The powder is intended to enhance the nutrient density of foods. This powder can be used to prevent or combat chronic diseases, particularly obesity. The powder can be used by anyone wishing to increase the nutrients in their diets, but it will be especially helpful for people looking to lose weight, reduce their cholesterol, and prevent fatty liver disease.

We are looking to partnerships within the food and beverage industry.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

In-house nanotechnology method was used to activate the food powder. Nanomaterials are mixed with the extracts of several plant foods, primarily sour cherries, which are then made into a powder. The nanomaterials deliver the nutrients from the food efficiently into cells, which boosts nutrient density and absorption. For example, the food powder contains some broccoli in it and consuming one scoop of the food powder is equivalent to eating several heads of broccoli.

This nanotechnology is non-toxic and biodegradable as it is plant derived. The impact the food powder had been studied on mice and it was found to:

  • control weight,
  • reduce obesity,
  • lower cholesterol, and
  • reduce lipids in the liver.

This powder has a unique mode of action compared to its competitors in the weight loss space. Most weight loss supplements fall under one of three categories: appetite reducers, absorption reducers, and fat burners. This sour cherry powder derived from this nanotechnology is unique due to its anti-inflammatory properties, blocks fundamental disease processes, and reduces fat deposition in the liver.

Potential Applications

Can be used as a weight loss supplement

  • Weight loss market is $23.9 billion (6% CAGR)

Can be used as a food ingredient because it increases nutrients

  • Food ingredient market is $33.7 billion (7.8% CAGR)

Primary application is for those suffering with chronic diseases, but it can be used by anyone

The powder can be consumed on its own, or it can be mixed with different products; products that can be mixed with this technology include:

  • Coffee
  • Granola Bars
  • Tea
  • Protein powder/bars
  • Cookies
  • etc.

This nanotechnology is also applicable to the agriculture and pharma industries

Customer Benefit

  • Insufficient fruit and vegetable content in Western diets is a growing problem, our powder makes it easy to reap the benefits of fruits and vegetables
  • It is a simple, consumer friendly option to address obesity and other chronic diseases
  • This powder is especially helpful for people living in food deserts who may not have access to a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are essential to a healthy diet
  • high quality fruits and vegetables can be expensive, so for some people it will be attractive to consume a powder which provides them with essential nutrients, without having to continuously purchase expensive produce
  • This powder is environmentally friendly because it is plant derived and contains no toxic materials (unlike many supplements in the same space)
  • This product will appeal to consumers who want a supplement without animal products
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