We architect and implement suitable innovative technologies for improved inspection monitoring, risk mitigation, and performance optimization. We develop and share best practices across different types of assets as we look to contribute to a sustainable future. Our expertise covers multiple sectors including energy, infrastructure, and water; our hands-on practical experience is what delivers solutions that work.

Our Technology Offers

Digital Tools for Innovation in Physical Asset Management

Implementing an efficient asset integrity management strategy is a complex challenge that industrial companies are faced with today. Typically, either an asset management strategy is being left out, or the asset is maintained poorly with minimum understanding of its history, especially with aging physical infrastructure and increasing cost awareness. Owners and managers need to maximize asset performance while maintaining asset integrity in a cost-effective manner. Asset information and its data is also commonly under-utilized to help in maintaining the assets itself.

This technology offer is a suite of digital tools that enable companies to manage their physical assets in a safer and more efficient way, with more uptime and lower carbon footprint. The digital tools include Mixed Reality technology, non-destructive testing (NDT) data capture technology, Digital Twin and web applications. With these tools, innovation can be done in the way assets are being managed - from data collection by engineers in the field, to data storage and analysis in the web platform, to data visualization in the Digital Twin and data utilization in risk forecasting for decision making.

The technology owner is seeking collaboration and partnership with end-users/NDT technology providers to launch pilot/commercial innovation project for Asset Integrity Management by adopting Mixed Reality & Digital Twin technology.