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Digital Tools for Innovation in Physical Asset Management

Technology Overview

Implementing an efficient asset integrity management strategy is a complex challenge that industrial companies are faced with today. Typically, either an asset management strategy is being left out, or the asset is maintained poorly with minimum understanding of its history, especially with aging physical infrastructure and increasing cost awareness. Owners and managers need to maximize asset performance while maintaining asset integrity in a cost-effective manner. Asset information and its data is also commonly under-utilized to help in maintaining the assets itself.

This technology offer is a suite of digital tools that enable companies to manage their physical assets in a safer and more efficient way, with more uptime and lower carbon footprint. The digital tools include Mixed Reality technology, non-destructive testing (NDT) data capture technology, Digital Twin and web applications. With these tools, innovation can be done in the way assets are being managed - from data collection by engineers in the field, to data storage and analysis in the web platform, to data visualization in the Digital Twin and data utilization in risk forecasting for decision making.

The technology owner is seeking collaboration and partnership with end-users/NDT technology providers to launch pilot/commercial innovation project for Asset Integrity Management by adopting Mixed Reality & Digital Twin technology.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

  • Mixed Reality wearable technology as in-field solutions for engineers, with intrinsic safety application for UL Class 1 Division 2, hand gesture and voice command enabled operations, as well as real-time collaboration feature to connect onsite field engineers with offsite experts anywhere in the world
  • Further customisable integration with latest NDT tools into the Mixed Reality wearable for single device application to improve safety and lower risk
  • Web-based Portal for Asset and Inspection plan management for inspections workflows
  • Digital Twin integrated workflows with proper inspection data visualization into its 3D model, data analysis functions & additional annotation features

Potential Applications

The potential applications of this technology offer is endless, and this technology offer is suitable for any industries that has a capital-intensive asset infrastructure that requires to be operated continuously and well-maintained routinely and judiciously. Examples of these industries include Petrochemical, Clean Energy, Public Infrastructure, Water or even Maritime industry, etc.

Customer Benefit

This technology offer will remarkably help companies to connect onsite field engineers and offsite experts for immediate consultation and communication, without the need to spend hours and thousand of dollars for unnecessary travel expenses. Furthermore, the web-based portal for workflows will help companies optimise the business process towards a more productive and efficient process.

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Jason Donavan



Technology Category

  • Infocomm
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Computer-Simulated Environments, Cloud Computing, Enterprise & Productivity, Geoinformatics, Internet of Things & Wearable Technology

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