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Continuous ECG Monitoring Solution From Any Remote Location Globally

Technology Overview

This technology offer is a unique cloud-based diagnostic electrocardiogram (ECG) delivery and monitoring eco-system utilising wireless mobile solutions.

It is the world's first direct patient-to-database ECG that is able to extend diagnostic cardiac rhythm assessment up to 30 days if clinically required. The small, self-manageable system allows de-centralized but fully connected ambulatory or home monitoring. The solution bridges a significant gap between extended Holter diagnostics and remote telemetry.

Partnerships & Collaboration

  1. Clinical trials (Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM)/Pharma/Medtech) for those requiring Cardiac Rhythm Monitoring in the Ambulatory and Home Setting
  2. Clinical use of AI on Personal ECG for prediction of arrhythmias such as Atrial fibrillation & Sudden Cardiac Death
  3. Collaborations in Data sharing with other Vertical Silos/Databases in the cardiovascular (CV) Space
  4. Management and Monitoring of patients in the Eldercare setting

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This technology offer is developed for patients and physicians who require continuous heart rhythm diagnostics and monitoring from any remote location. It offers a non-contact but yet continuous streaming data set from multiple individuals into a consolidated database in a 'hub and spoke' fashion for an optimal telecardiology solution.

The technology has 3 proprietary components seamlessly integrated into 1 complete Vertical Silo: ECG wearable, mobile app, & cloud based data storage, with a web-based physician dashboard reporting platform allowing real time assessment and review by physicians anytime from any connected location.

Full disclosure of patients’ data via secured web-based dashboard optimises data management and expedites reporting. Anonymised server for personal data protection and databases can be ring-fenced and isolated from each other. Customizable system can be set for different users in different geographical locations.

Potential Applications

One Platform with Multiple Clinical Uses:

  • Diagnostic Extended Holter: Flexible non-invasive monitoring period up to 30 days
  • High Risk Home Monitoring Solution: High risk patients: Post Surgery, Post Stroke patients. Early detection of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation out of hospital. Used clinically to monitor high risk rehab patients
  • Event Monitoring: Event monitor providing 2.5 minutes before & after activation and is useful for short arrhythmia lasting only few seconds as forward capturing event monitors typically miss these.

Customer Benefits

This technology bridges the gap between hospital based diagnostic Holter monitoring and ambulatory home remote monitoring allowing fewer visits for patients, earlier diagnosis and faster turnaround consultations.

Small compact form factor with direct patient to database streaming capabilities allows 'front loading' of diagnostic test even before first physician consult.

Full digital eco-system with real time access to data allows real-time analysis and reporting from any remote location.

A zero-footprint system, with no brick and mortar infrastructure required, thus reducing unnecessary costs and cumbersome infrastructure installation.

Fully usable during Covid-19 pandemic/lockdown situation as deployment can be done in a 'non-contact' fashion, without need for patients to visit hospital care facilities.

Contact Person

Philip Wong


Web Biotechnology Pte Ltd

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  • Healthcare
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical Devices
  • Telehealth
  • Medical Software & Imaging

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