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Innovative Technology to Make Flourless Noodle

Technology Overview

Nowadays consumers are interested in consuming healthy food and therefore the market for nutritional food is rapidly growing, especially in the groups of people who are health-conscious person, ketogenic or the elderly and patients. These people prefer or require a diet that is high in protein and fiber, lower in fat and carbohydrates.

Noodles are a popular staple food in many nations, especially in Asia. However, they are made from high percentage of starch, which is high in energy and high in carbohydrates. There are increasingly more consumers who are unable to find alternative options and hence avoid noodles due to their ketogenic diet or low GI diet. This pain point leads to the innovative technology of flourless noodle formation.

This technology enable the flourless noodle production, using egg white and passion fruit’s mesocarp which are high protein and fiber, respectively.

This technology is available for licensing. Those who are interested to license this technology to develop into different noodle application, please reach out to this technology owner.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This technology has made the production of noodle without carbohyrates now possible.

This technology of flourless noodle:

  • Able to make flourless noodle with varieties of size and shape
  • Able to design specific nutritional values for patients, the elderly, and health-conscious person.
  • Allows long shelf life: noodles made using this method can be stored at room temperature for at least 6 months
  • The product can be cooked and be presented in a variety of menus

Potential Applications

This technology has produced flourless noodles whose nutrition values can be designed to suit :

1. Consumers Who Require Specialized Diet, example consumers with:

  • Diabetes,
  • Kidney disease
  • Cancers

2. Health-Conscious Consumers

The product made with this method able to address the healthy food market and are suitable for :

  • Consumers with concern of overweight and obesity.
  • Elderly, the silver age,
  • Recovering patients who require nutrition support.

The products from this technology can be retailed as:

  • Health foods
  • Keto diet
  • F&B services

Customer Benefit

This technology can provide nutritional value food for customers. They can consume noodles without a healthy concern about a high-calorie diet.

For food and beverage services, restaurants can cook flour-free noodles to their various menus, which attract health concerned customers.

Contact Person

Vasupa Suveeranont


Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University

Technology Category

  • Foods
  • Ingredients

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Noodle Flourless Forming Technology, egg white high protein noodle, passion fruit’s mesocarp noodle, Keto food