PT. Nanobubble Karya Indonesia

PT. Nanobubble Karya Indonesia is the first nanobubble technology manufacturing company in Indonesia for use in the field of brackish water and freshwater aquaculture. Our technology generates nano-sized bubbles (70-200 nm) to significantly increase the gas content (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc.) in aquatic ecosystems. Our company has been used in about 15 areas of small ponds / ponds in Indonesia and exports to 2 countries (Malaysia & Korea). We are always committed to developing nanotechnology that can be used by the wider community for many strategic sectors in Indonesia and the world.

Our Technology Offers

Nanobubble Technology for Water Quality Improvement

Nanobubbles have high specific surface areas and high stagnation times because of its nano-sized, which leads to mass transport efficiencies at the gas-liquid interfaces. In addition, nanobubbles have an electrically charged surface which prevents bubbles from coalescence, and because of its high densities, nanobubbles allow to create a high rate of gas dissolution in water.

Based in Indonesia, the technology owner has developed a nanobubble generation process that produces nano-sized bubbles in the range of 100-200 nm. The process utilises multiphase gas-liquid flow contact principle, in which pressurised gas (nitrogen, oxygen or ozone) is injected into a water flow to form a multiphase flow. This multiphase flow is then passed through a proprietary honeycomb structure, forming nano-sized bubbles. The small size of the bubbles makes it stable, not easy to agglomerate or coalesce so that it lasts a long time in water.

Nanobubble technology is currently being applied to improve the water quality of aquaculture ponds, increase the growth of hydroponic plants, poultry, wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment. Until now, the development of nanobubble technology continues to be carried out for implementation in other fields. The technology owner is seeking industry partners to license and adopt the technology for various applications.