EV Biotech

EV Biotech harnesses the digitalisation of microorganisms to facilitate the acceleration of strain engineering. Combining in-house expertise, the synergistic approach of utilising computational modelling and strain engineering facilitates cutting development time in half. Throughout the strain development process, our approach facilitates the improved chance of success, production levels, financial forecasts, and time to market. Through utilising microbial cell factories, we aim to transition product development towards more sustainable means.

Our Technology Offers

Tailored Microbial Cell Factory Development

Currently, day-to-day consumer products such as plastics are produced using petrochemical methods. This technology aims to improve the sustainability of producing chemicals via bacterial engineering. It is a combination of in-silico modelling with in-house strain engineering to optimise the strain development process. By using proprietary computational models, the top candidates for strain engineering are identified before subsequent research and development work can be carried out. This approach shortens trial-and-error experimentation with countless strains which is costly and time-consuming.

The technology is currently developing four proof-of-concept strains to produce chemicals targeted at chemical and ingredient manufacturers within the flavour and fragrance, agrifood, biopharmaceutical, and biomaterial industries. By transitioning to sustainable production methods to produce the necessary chemicals, the environmental impact of manufacturing mass consumer goods and products will decrease substantially.

The company is seeking for co-developers and collaborators who are interested in producing chemical compounds in a sustainable manner.