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Novel Marker for High Sensitivity Detection of Human DNA

Technology Overview

Human DNA contamination is an issue in the process of manufacturing devices for molecular and genomic applications. Such devices need to be certified human DNA-free for sensitive downstream processes. Therefore, there is a need to monitor human DNA residual level in factory surfaces and final products. The technology provider had identified a novel target for the detection of human DNA and developed a highly sensitive PCR based detection method for the presence of human DNA based on this target. They have demonstrated that the method is specific, sensitive and with low cost. Compared to a commercial kit available in the market, this method is at least 500 times more sensitive.

This method will be a valuable tool for device manufacturers. In addition, it can also be applied on forensic as well as environmental samples. Furthermore, the principle of the method can be adapted to detect other animal species for either identification or monitoring purposes.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The method is simple and reproducible. It meets the requirement described in the ISO 18385 standard (Minimising the risk of human DNA contamination in products used to collect, store and analyse biological material for forensic purposes) in terms of detection sensitivity. One of the key advantages of this innovation is its superior sensitivity level in human DNA detection. When compared with a commercial human DNA detection kit on the market, this method demonstrated at least 500 times higher sensitivity when performed under comparable conditions in parallel.

Potential Applications

The primary application will be for certification of human DNA-free in manufactured products. With this test, products can meet higher standard of requirement especially in the molecular biology and genomic DNA related applications. Therefore, manufacturers can broaden its market reach and add value to their products.

Other Potential Applications:

  • Forensic samples
  • Environmental samples
  • Can be adapted to detect other animal species

Customer Benefit

With higher sensitivity level, efficient routine tests procedure can be established by using less sample volume or even pooled samples. The overall test cost will be lower.

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Damian Wong


Republic Polytechnic

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  • Chemicals
  • Agrochemicals, Analysis
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  • Diagnostics, Medical Devices

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