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Robots for Order Verification (ROVER)

Technology Overview

Order verification in the warehouse usually requires laborious manual checks and transportation. This technology offer presents a highly precise weighing platform that can be integrated into the existing robotic platforms to allow orders to be received and verified with the warehouse management system (WMS) instantaneously. User can refer to the sequential list of items from the screen and pick the items accordingly from the racks and shelves in the warehouse.

The technology owner is currently looking for collaborators to improve their warehouse operations and process.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The high precision weighing platform comprises of a powerful build in single board computer with wireless connectivity and a large seven-inch touchscreen display for easy user interface. Software modules can be installed to interface with existing WMS. The weighing platform has an accuracy of +/-12g. The measurements taken from the weighing platform facilitates instantaneous verification in the pick order list. This will be reflected to the picker to pick up the items.

This technology eradicates the intermediate process and human errors and speeds up the retrieval time. Furthermore, this feature is much more beneficial as compared to conventional ways such as manual verification, barcode or QR code scanning.

The technology greatly complements the capabilities of existing Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) that have been adopted in the industry in two aspects:

  • Enhancement in receiving orders, verifying pick accuracy and to acknowledge order completion with any basic Warehouse Management System (WMS).
  • Eliminate pick errors and allow faster warehouse operations.

Potential Applications

The technology is conceived to enhance the capabilities on existing AGVs that are currently used in the fast-moving warehouse. In recent years, industrials sites have been seen to take advantage of the perks of using AGVs. AGVs can take over the high intensity workload from humans. These workloads include material transport, replenishment and any highly taxing jobs. The use of AGVs will contribute to the productivity of workflow. There are more opportunities for the development of AGVs to enhance its capabilities to do complex work. This will alleviate the heavy reliance on manpower.

This technology is best suited for distribution centers with fast-moving and complex warehouses operations where the pickers are stationed along racks and AGVs are programmed to move to them automatically. AGVs display items for pickers to pick from the racks and place on the AGVs. The AGVs can ascertain the accuracy of each item using precision weighing sensors installed on the AGVs. The added feature on the AGVs is more convenient than manual verification, barcode or QR code scanning.

Customer Benefit

  • Enables communication with WMS
  • Quickens the picking process
  • Eliminate pick errors
Contact Person

Damian Wong


Republic Polytechnic

Technology Category

  • Logistics
  • Delivery & Distribution, Inventory Management, Value-Added Services

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