Algalbio Co. Ltd.

With our principal mission "Cultivating Algae's Potential, for a Better Future", we strive to identify various functional benefits of algae strains. With our endless effort in scientific research, we contribute to build a better solution for food, wellness, beauty and other industries.

Our Technology Offers

Client-based Algae Platform for a Better World

Algae are very diverse organisms that possess many functional ingredients. With the suitable cultivation know-how and state-of-the-art technology, the applications for algae are limitless.

A cleantech start-up focuses on algae as means to provide sustainable solutions to global issues. Most algae companies use a single alga for specific applications. However, the start-up uses its intensive library, breeding and cultivation expertise, and its mass production technology to provide targeted products and solutions for different industries.

The start-up is seeking for partners that are interested in exploring algae for their industrial applications, which can include food, medical, or environmental purposes.

Efficient & Sustainable Method for Algae-based Carotenoid

Carotenoids: yellow, orange and red carotenoids are valued not just for their esthetics but also for their antioxidant properties and preventive roles in human health and diseases. Lutein, for example, is well known for preventing age-related eye diseases. As humans do not synthesize carotenoids, we need to include these carotenoids in our diet and lifestyle regimes. Carotenoids used commercially today are either synthetic or natural but may not be obtained in a sustainable way.

A clean-tech start-up in Japan is currently growing carotenoid-rich algae biomass in a sustainable cultivation platform. This can be used in supplements, cosmetics, food and as natural pigment alternatives. One of the big industries for carotenoids is animal feeds due to the demand of their color and health benefits that can help improve product quality.

The start-up is seeking partners who would be interested in joint R&D collaboration by applying the company’s technology in order to develop a novel product or solution, or partners who would be interested in licensing-in company’s technology.