OneWatt Solutions BV

OneWatt is an industrial A.I. company that creates smart solutions to prevent unwanted downtime, boost operational efficiency, and reduce operating expenses in industrial facilities. Using IoT sensors combined with proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, our seamless technology makes Predictive Maintenance easy and effective to install and use. OneWatt makes sense of the noise, so that clients can focus on reaching their targets.

Our Technology Offers

Non-Invasive Industrial Monitoring Using Acoustics

Sounds in industries can indicate and even forewarn various critical events, from changes in the processes to developing machine issues.

Combining AI, acoustic sensors, and digital signal processing this system aims to detect and predict issues in industries. With this approach it is able to non-invasively convert assets into smart assets with minimal risk and friction. With applications ranging from fault detection and predictive maintenance to more niche needs such as cavitation or fouling detection, the AI can be customized to adapt to the particular facilities’ needs.