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System For Predicting Of Acute Hypotensive Episodes

Technology Overview

Acute hypotensive episodes are one of the most critical events that generally occur in intensive care units (ICUs). An acute hypotensive episode is a clinical condition typically characterized by abnormally low blood pressure values and other related values. If an acute hypotensive episode is not promptly and appropriately treated, it may result in an irreversible organ damage and, eventually death.

The invention is a method and system of predicting a hypotensive episode in a patient using one or more time varying hypotension specific biomarkers corresponding to physiological processes in the patient.

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Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The invention includes determining a plurality of time varying hypotensive biomarkers corresponding to plurality of physiological processes in patient's organism as a non-linear dynamic complex system and generating an acute hypotension prediction classifier. The acute hypotensive prediction classifier is based upon identifying and classifying a three dimensional (3D) temporal representation of two or more biomarker dynamics that appear before a hypotensive episode occurs. When the monitored factor exceeds a predetermined threshold the method and system trigger an alarm before an appearance of a hypotensive episode in the patient.

Potential Applications

The invention can be applied in hospitals with an intensive care unit. The invention solves a billion-euro medical problem in the EU.

Customer Benefits

A rapid, accurate, sensitive and specific prediction of the potential acute hypotensive episodes may provide adequate time to diagnose the cause of the potential acute hypotensive episodes in the patients. Therefore, the prediction of the acute hypotensive episodes may improve possibilities of determination of the kind of intervention or treatment required to prevent the patients from the potential acute hypotensive episodes.

Contact Person

Julija Kravčenko


Kaunas University of Technology

Technology Category

  • Healthcare
  • Diagnostics, Telehealth, Medical Software & Imaging

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Biomarkers, Hypotensive episodes, Intensive care unit