PT. PathGen Diagnostik Teknologi

PathGen is an innovation company with a mission to provide low-cost molecular diagnostics for cancer and other diseases in Indonesia and beyond and engaging in capacity building through knowledge exchange with the global partners (academia, industries and policy makers). PathGen is an early stage and highly potential start-up with the drive to make social impacts through ambitious and disruptive projects in the field of molecular diagnostics, which is currently being dominated by large biotechnology companies in the West. PathGen disrupts molecular diagnostics local and regional market through inclusive, robust, and affordable molecular diagnostics products.

Our Technology Offers

Affordable and Robust Molecular Diagnostics Tool for Cancer

Genetics testing or molecular diagnostics (MDx) is a technique used to analyze biological markers for medical testing. MDx is a form of revolutionizing medical care, especially in the field of cancer medicine. MDx provides information on the prognosis of cancer and recommends the most appropriate treatment for patients. This can substantially reduce healthcare costs by pinpointing the right treatments that are effective for patients while avoiding therapies that patients do not necessarily respond to.

The technology provider has developed a simple molecular diagnostic kit which gathers molecular data for best cancer management. The kit will allow the identification of patients with hereditary cancers and recommendation of appropriate drugs for treatment. The kit presents advantages of its utility with low sample quantity requisites, and its portability since using the MDx kit does not require expensive machines and involves minimal infrastructure.

The technology provider is looking for partnership opportunities to work towards their vision and mission for developing low-cost molecular diagnostics for cancer and other diseases.