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Blockchain Certification for Steel Products for the Petrochemical Industry

Technology Overview

We provide a platform that enables transparency, traceability and provides efficiency to the supply chain of steel for the chemical and petrochemical industry. We leverage new technologies, blockchain and cloud computing to seamlessly integrate quality management along the supply chain with a digital-first approach.

Product certification in the steel industry is usually a product of an ecosystem of companies like laboratories, NDT companies, inspection companies, raw material suppliers, etc. All these parties take responsibility for a part of the final data associated with the steel product certification. Labs provide destructive test reports, inspection companies provide inspection reports, etc. All these companies must have specific accreditations and even the people taking responsibility for certain parts of the data must have valid personal certifications.

Our platform reduces costs off an expensive quality control process and provides transparency to a supply chain that is now opaque. A supply chain that uses our platform has compliance by design instead of by control.

Our targeted users are QA/QC at EPC’s or Oil majors or at Mills.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our platform completely integrates the supply chain of steel producers, stockists, labs, NDT, inspections and end owners by using modern platform technologies and mobile apps.

The platform is powered by blockchain technology to provide independent traceability, independent data integrity checks and security and supply chain provenance.

Our platform uses the hash output as mathematical proof of the data. That is why our platform stores the mathematical proof on the blockchain, for example the hash of the data of a test report and in this way, we can always verify that the data is authentic.

Potential Applications

  • Certification of steel products for the petrochemical industry
  • Inspection / NDT reports
  • Periodic inspections
  • This platform can also be applied in other areas like plastics, welding consumables, welders, WPQ’s WPS’s etc.

Customer Benefit

Our platform offers the following benefits :

  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • More transparency
  • Real time data
  • Historical data
  • Irrefutable traceability
  • Data for data analysis
Contact Person

Tom Meulendijks


SteelTrace BV

Technology Category

  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical Processes, Forming, Joining, Moulding/Sintering/Casting/Nanoimprinting
  • Materials
  • Ferrous Metals and Alloys

Technology Readiness Level


Traceability, steel, petrochemicals, blockchain