Introduction to HydroNeo's Smart Farm Management System for Shrimp Farms The market leader in Thailand, HydroNeo, offers a user-friendly and comprehensive IoT-based Smart Farm Management System giving solutions to increase shrimp farming efficiency through digitalization and automation. Our system monitors water quality and automates farm operations through a cloud-based system for substantially lower production costs, higher productivity, and risk management. At the same time, the sustainability of shrimp farming is increased to create value for the customer and the environment. Soon, HydroNeo will offer additional, mostly digital services to shrimp farmers through their deep expertise based on data and insights.

Our Technology Offers

IoT Smart Farm Management System for Aquaculture

This technology offer presents an Internet of Things (IoT) based Smart Farm Management System to increase aquaculture farming efficiency through digitalisation and automation. The system constantly monitors key water quality parameters and automates operations, like the demand-driven automated control of aerator motors and pumps, in shrimp and fish farms.

It consists of the Controller with attached sensors to monitor and control, a sophisticated cloud infrastructure for long-term data storage and analytics, as well as native apps for Android and iOS as the interface to the customer. The Controller acts as its own smart internet gateway and can monitor and control multiple ponds. It is built in a comprehensive way to allow for over-the-air updates and connecting of additional extension products.

Through the user-friendly App, farmers can remotely monitor their water quality and operate connected devices as well as gain insights and knowledge for higher productivity and lower costs. for substantially lower production costs, higher productivity, and risk management.