Nanyang Polytechnic

Established as an institution of higher learning in 1992, Nanyang Polytechnic's (NYP) academic schools offer quality education and training through more than 35 full-time diploma courses and common entry programmes. NYP also has a full suite of continuing education and training (CET) options for lifelong learning, ranging from specialist and advanced diplomas, to SkillsFuture modules and courses. NYP's Asian Culinary Institute and the Singapore Institute of Retail Studies are CET institutes set up in partnership with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to champion and transform Singapore's F&B and retail sectors respectively.

Our Technology Offers

Platform for Rapid Development and Deployment of AI App

XpanAI platform covers end-to-end AI workflow from data preparation to the building of AI applications. The users including data scientists or data engineers can easily launch and manage any combinations of the tools required. The flexibility and agility of XpanAI platform matches the iterative nature of developing AI applications, and enables fast development and deployment. XpanAI platform is suited for enterprises with limited resources to develop the infrastructure and manage the computing resources required by processing huge amount of data. By using XpanAI platform, company can concentrate on developing their core competence to model data and build appealing AI applications. With the intelligence equipped into our platform, the AI applications built from our platform will achieve high efficiency and performance.

Smart Navigation Cane for the Visually Impaired (VI) Users

This project developed a route recorder and navigation system to help the visually impaired travel independently in the outdoor and indoor environments. The system improves upon the traditional landmark navigation method by providing direction guidance and accurate position data to guide the visually impaired. In the route recording phase, a mobility instructor will accompany the visually impaired person to record the route information needed for the visually impaired person to travel independently to reach a destination. During recording phase, the system will remember landmarks and the distance/direction travelled will be recorded using MEMS sensors and an omnidirectional wheel attached to the white cane. After the route is recorded, the navigation guidance system is capable of providing verbal guidance to the user to navigate to the destination using the location data from the smart cane. The system will be very useful to the visually impaired community as it is able to provide accurate outdoor navigation as well as indoor navigation for all buildings in Singapore without the need to draw building floorplans and additional infrastructure investment for indoor navigation.

Machine Monitoring Using Acoustic Pattern Recognition

An AI based machine self-awareness system for CNC machines was developed. Acoustic data from the CNC machines are detected by IoT sensors and analysed via machine learning algorithms. Sounds associated with various cutting conditions such as normal cutting, heavy cutting, tool wear, and tool crash, can be recognised by the system, and this information can then be feedback to the actuators or end users for necessary actions. The system would facilitate remote monitoring of the machines, predictive maintenance, and failure analysis of the final product. Project could be further enhanced to work for different types of instruments and acoustic sounds.

AI-Powered Skills Assessment Engine

This AI-assisted competency-based assessment engine is designed to discover individual proficiencies to guide them in skills mastery. The AI skills engine is trained to determine proficiency levels, aligned with Singapore’s SkillsFuture skill framework. The algorithms automate identifying, assessing, and enhancing skills and traits via these modes:

  • AI-enhanced adaptive business aptitude testing
  • Virtual agent-cum-AI conversational chatbot that doubles as a scheduler and interviewer
  • Skills profile report generation with AI insights

It solves the age-old challenges of assessing for critical soft skills like communication, creative thinking, sense making and problem solving. It also assists in reducing time-consuming effort spent on scheduling, administering and collating skills proficiencies. We are seeking partners interested to commercialise this engine or enter into a licensing agreement. We are also seeking partners keen to augment the engine to purpose-fit it for new applications in the marketplace.

Android Application Obfuscator

We have developed a new source-code-level obfuscating tool which performs sophisticated and novel code obfuscation for Android applications. We not only rely on existing techniques such as control flow flattening, but also adopt a newly discovered continuous passing technique in control flow obfuscation.

A Rapid, Accurate, And Portable Mud Crab Grading Tool

Chilli crab, pepper crab, butter crab are popular and iconic Singapore dishes made from mud crab. The lack of supply of good meaty mud crabs is affecting the seafood restaurant and seafood wholesale business in Singapore which led to some restaurants using lean crabs unintentionally. This problem is much more prominent in mud crab compared to other crustacean species such as shrimps and lobsters.

Current methods adopted by the industry to grade mud crabs (meaty versus lean) are empirical and based on tacit knowledge coupled with subjective judgement. We have developed a novel “first-of-its-kind” spectroscopy approach to determine the meat grade of mud crabs. This grading strategy is non-invasive, simple, accurate, and portable. We are looking for interested parties to license this technology.

Immersive Simulation with Oculus Quest and YawVR. Alphacore, an innovative integration of the latest in Virtual Reality technology and YawVR, a 360 degrees motion simulator that gives the user an immersive experience as though driving an actual vehicle.

The technology features the integration of the use of a VR headset (Oculus Quest - with a motion simulator such as the YawVR ( Alphacore is a VR game made for the Oculus Quest, where you play as a pilot in a tank-like futuristic shooter game. This goal is to immerse the player into the game environment fully and demonstrate the capabilities of Oculus Quest and YawVR.

Interested partners can liaise with the School of Design & Media to commission a project to develop a version for the partner’s use case – i.e. for user training of handling vehicles, immersive tourism experience to visit other places or countries.

High Yield, Low-Cost & Eco-Friendly Collagen Extraction From Fish Scales

Currently, large quantities of fish scales are discarded as waste. Fish scales comprise of components such as collagen, scleroprotein, lecithin and hydroxyapatite. A green chemistry method was developed that uses optimised conditions to extract collagen from fish scales at very low cost with high yield. The collagen extracted through this method can be used in various fields such as the biomedical, cosmetics, and the food industry in a variety of applications.

Fish scale collagen may also be used a low-cost attachment substrate for the nascent cultivated meat industry.

This collagen extraction technology is available for licensing, suitable partners could be fish farms, fish processing companies and companies who manufactures collagen.